What you can cook to avoid the DRUG STORE

if you want to know my full story, going from taking pills every day to using food as my medicine check out my podcast: https://bit.ly/2Sy4NsU

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In this episode, I wanted to focus less on the exact price of ingredients and instead share a bit of my journey going from taking medication nearly every single day of my life to learning how eating the right things is all I need to stay healthy. It’s been an eye-opening journey, one filled with deliciousness and feeling far better than I ever had, with food as my medicine.

As always, consult your doctor with any series of medical problems or before switching any necessary medication.

The complete “What You Can Cook For…” Series ☞ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt_lOWx8jR_MrdH95mWRhvMSw0u90dPh-

In this video I made a series of delicious meals:
1. 2:34 Avocado Breakfast Toast with Fried Egg
2. 4:01 Acai Bowl with Glorious Toppings
3. 6:31 “Banh Mi” Style Summer Roll
4. 12:47 Buddha Bowl
5. 16:21 Granola Bars

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