This might be the most affordable yet simple and DELICIOUS food you can make. A COMPLETE guide.

Have you ever had Ethiopian Food before? It’s my new food obsession. For this episode of legit vs budget we have teamed up with GT’s Kombucha to make a feast that utilizes great vegetarian food and some of their fermented tea to make it even better. To find Gt’s glorious kombucha and other products near you check out http://bit.ly/GTsLivingFoods. This video is Sponsored by GT’s Kombucha

you can listen to my podcast on life-changing food experiences: https://bit.ly/2HWmJfK

And check out Gt’s Youtube channel https://bit.ly/2TBJlmU

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What we go over in the video:
1. Injera. Starting with the staple of almost every Ethiopian meal is Injera, a fermented pancake like bread made out of Teff
2. Berbere. The most popular spice mix in Ethiopia used in a ton of dishes. I made a homemade version but you can buy it in store as well.
3. Misir Wot. A delicious stew made from red lentils, garlic, onion, tomato and berbere
4. Kik Alicha. A dish made from yellow split peas, ginger, garlic, onoins and turmeric.
5. Ye’abesha Gomen: a braised collard dish with berbere, garlic, ginger, onions.
6. Shiro Wat. A unique stew made with chickpea flour, berbere, onions, garlic, tomato.
7. Atkilt Wat: A stew on the fresher side with cabbage, carrots, onions, turmeric, garlic.

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