This Japanese snack is quickly becoming my favorite dessert…

It was a blast to create the Sandwich Series but it’s time to take a little break from the world of sandwiches and move onto something I haven’t explored much on this channel
Join me on a new season and brand new journey that will take me throughout the most diverse city in the world on the search for the best sweets. I will talk to some experts, learn a little history and craft each dessert completely from scratch in my home kitchen all to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Episode one is all about a Japanese festive snack called the Taiyaki, originally created for good fortune. The snack was created over a century ago but it recently has exploded on the scene due to a social media Taiyaki storm which I learn all about in episode 1.

If you have a “Sweet Idea” you want top contribute to this season, private message me on Instagram @lifebymikeG

Chef Iso Recipe Blog – https://chefiso.com/

Taiyaki NYC – @TaiyakiNYC

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