Matty Matheson Butter Chicken – Finger Lickin’ Good!

This video from Munchies feature a Matty Matheson Butter Chicken Recipe. This delicious dish can be whipped up for Suppertime as Matty shows us how from start to finish.

He starts the video by asking “What is Butter Chicken” and then proceed to answer his own question. It is spices, a little bit of tomato sauce, a little bit of cream, a little bit of heat and chicken. It is a spicy, creamy, buttery chicken curry.

The first steps to making Matty Matheson Butter Chicken is to make the base. Chop up two onions into chunks and put it in a blender. Add five garlic cloves to that, also roughly chopped up. Two long red chilis, chopped up.

Matty likes it spicy so he adds another two birds eye chilis to the blender. Add one large knob of ginger. Take your spoon and you can then just peel the ginger with the spoon. Peel, chop up and chuck in the blender.

Now add a little bit of olive oil, about six tablespoons. Put the lid on the blender and just pulse to start and then puree it.

Put a large pot on a medium high heat source and then get ghee, which is clarified butter. Ghee has a higher burn rate which makes it perfect for this dish. Add about half a cup of the ghee to the pot, followed by the puree you just made. Let it cook while stirring. You now have made your base.

You want to allow all the natural sugars to caramelize rather than browning them from heat. Basically just cook it slowly for about 20 minutes.

Matty Matheson Butter ChickenMatty Matheson Butter Chicken

Now that we have cooked down our base it is time to start adding the spices. Three tablespoons of Tumeric and two tablespoons each of chili powder, cumin, brown coriander and garam masala.

The heat will open the spices and let them come alive. Now it is time to add some tomato paste. We are going to add three tablespoons of the paste. The Matty Matheson Butter Chicken Recipe is starting to look and smell real good at this point.

Add one jar of tomato sauce to the pot. Make sure it is a tomato puree as you don’t really want chucks of tomato. You want it to be smooth because Butter Chicken is a smooth dish.

Now that we have a sauce we will add one tablespoon of fenugreek. It is like an Indian Organum. We now need to allow our sauce to cook for one hour. Put the lid on the pot and let it simmer on a low heat.

Matty Matheson Butter Chicken

We haven’t done the cream yet, but before we get to that it is time for the chicken. Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts for this recipe. We are using four chicken breasts for this Matty Matheson Butter Chicken Dish. Slice the meat into cubes and add it right into the sauce.

Put the lid back on the pot and let it cook slowly for 10 minutes. That is what is so nice about chicken breasts, that they cooks so quickly and are perfect for butter chicken.

Finally it is time for the cream. Put one cup of heavy cream into the sauce. Next up add a quarter pound of unsalted butter to the pot as well. Put it in and stir it into the butter chicken.

Put a lid on it. The Butter chicken is good to go!

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