Food Wishes Pancakes – Kimchi Pancakes with Dancing Fish Flakes

Chef John is serving up Kimchi Food Wishes Pancakes with Dancing Fish Flakes in this video. These pancakes are not only fast and inexpensive and easy to make, but it is also very yummy and extremely versatile. The pancakes comes topped with Dancing Fish Flakes which we will get to later in the video.

We start off with the star of the Show in these Food Wishes Pancakes, the Kimchi. Evidently a wise man once said they smell like hell but taste like heaven! Kimchi is a staple in Korea and is a traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables made with a widely varying selection of seasonings. It can also be used in a soups and stews.

Chef John took the contents of a 12 ounce jar which he drained over a bowl. This will make it a lot easier and less spluttery to chop. We will also be using some of the intensely flavored juice in the pancake batter.

Proceed to chop up the Kimchi as fine as you want. The Chef recommends that you cut it small enough that it integrates well with the batter, but not so small that you are not sure what it is. Once the Kimchi has been chopped we can move on to the batter.

In a large mixing bowl, break in one large egg as well as a nice big splash of the Kimchi Juice that was kept aside. Also add a little bit of water. If you want it spicier and have enough of the Kimchi Juice you can just add all of it. To balance the heat and tanginess add some brown sugar as well as a pinch of salt. Finish up these mostly wet ingredients with half a teaspoon of sesame oil.

Take a whisk and give it a good mix. Now add a handful of sliced Green Onions and then transfer in the chopped Kimchi. You can add some additional vegetables and even bacon at this point. It really is up to you. To finish it up we stir in the flour. As soon as it is all mixed up it is done.

Food Wishes Pancakes

Pop it in the fridge to cook later or head over to the stove to cook them. Fry them in a little bit of vegetable oil on a medium-high heat. Once the batter has been spooned into the frying pan, cook it for about 3 minutes a side until brown and crispy around the edges.

Now while you can eat it like this but we will be garnishing the top with Bonito Flakes, which are thin shavings of fermented dry fish. And as soon as you sprinkle them on to the hot pancakes they are going to dance! Oh, and also add some green onions to the top!

As awesome as the visuals are with these dancing fish flakes, the taste and texture is just as incredible. It should be spicy and tangy with a little bit of salty as well as a little bit of sweetness. Get full ingredients and recipe here.

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