Interested in Making Sourdough Bread at Home?

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-My Sourdough Story-

I started my sourdough bread making journey a few years ago and quickly fell in love. Sourdough bread is the original way bread was made with long, natural fermentation using wild yeast to unlock the maximum flavor and nutrition. Sourdough is scientifically proven to be much easier to digest and I quickly found that I could eat tons of bread without being weighed down like the store bought stuff I had been eating my whole life! Nothing quite compared to the process of making bread and nothing in the kitchen was even remotely as rewarding. For years I thought only professional bakers with fancy equipment and years of training could produce such incredible artisanal style bread, but I was sorely mistaken. With just 4 ingredients and a little bit of skill, anyone can unlock the power of bread making in their very own kitchen.

I spent months scouring the internet, apprenticing in bakeries, and plenty of trial and error in order to produce the results that I felt good about. I filmed a few videos and released them on the Brothers Green Youtube channel, which ended up getting millions of views! It seemed like there were tons of people that had the same passion for taking back the original way bread was intended to be made.

There was a problem though… I kept getting similar feedback. People were watching the videos over and over again, searching for the skills needed to make sourdough at home. It quickly became clear to me that a few videos wasn’t going be enough to truly learn the art form of sourdough bread making and get incredible results every time you step in the kitchen.

That’s why I created SourdoughU. Never before has there been such a comprehensive bread making course on the internet. Either you had to spend a ton of money enrolling in culinary school, or you had to scour the internet for days in hopes of finding the information needed to make solid bread at home. I wanted to bring all of the information together into one course to leave you feeling extremely confident each and every time you get in the kitchen to bake bread at home.

SourdoughU has 50 entertaining end educational videos covering: Health Benefits – Baking Terms – Equipment – Flour – Milling – Sourdough Starter – Basic Sourdough Tutorial – Quest for the Perfect Loaf – Bread Science – Bread Stenciling – Recipes with Sourdough – And much more!

If you’re looking to save a ton money, impress your friends and family, eat the healthiest bread on planet earth, and take part in the most rewarding food project in the kitchen, click the link above to enroll in SourdoughU and start your bread making journey today!

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