I Built a Completely Customized Standing Desk (and it’s epic!)

It was time to up the production on Pro Home Cooks, so I’ve busted out of my apartment and got myself an official kitchen studio. The only issue is, I first have to build the entire thing myself! Well, I wouldn’t call it much of an issue, since building was my first passion before I found the wonderful world of cooking.

Since I’ve got some incredible projects planned for the studio space, I wanted to bring you in on the process over the next few weeks of how I transform this big white box into something special. My first project isn’t kitchen related, but it’s extremely important to the foundation of this channel! Without an efficient work station I won’t be getting much editing done for these videos, so I’ve teamed up with @fully to create a completely custom standing desk. All of the products featured on this desk are listed below! Check out fully.com to take your work space to the next level! #standingdesk #KitchenStudio #fullypartner

Jarvis Frame Only -http://bit.ly/32BtVE2
Capisco Chair- http://bit.ly/2SiLuV2
Jarvis Monitor Arm – http://bit.ly/2NYegLU
Beam LED Desk Lamp – http://bit.ly/2Y92sdx
Wire Management Kit – http://bit.ly/2Ls8znA
Jarvis Bamboo Desk Drawer – http://bit.ly/2K1aLPR

Audio Engine Speakers – https://amzn.to/2JNooSx
LG 34 inch Curved Monitor – https://amzn.to/2XOoqU7

help support the kitchen studio buildout!

Want a cutting board like mine? Check out @handcraftedbybruce

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