Matty Matheson Burger. The Ultimate Recipe

In this video from Munchies we see how to make the ultimate Matty Matheson Burger Recipe.

The first video Matty ever did with Munchies was to show the world how to make a cheese burger. Now he will be showing us how to make the Parts & Labor Cheese Burger (P&L). Parts & Labor is a restaurant that Matty opened when he was 27 years old.

We start off by making a quick bacon and onion jam. We literally just going to slice up the bacon. Bacon and onion jam consists of bacon, onion, red wine vinegar, butter and salt. You will cook it down for a long long time.

The fat of the bacon is going to emulsify and really make the onions absolutely delicious. Preheat a big pot to a medium heat on the stove and add your bacon to it. You want to render the bacon over time, not right away.

Once it is nicely cooked throw in a half a pound of butter. You need a lot of fat for this jam to come together. Add about four pounds of onions to the pot. I can already see how this jam is going to take this Matty Matheson Burger to the next level.

Matty Matheson BurgerMatty Matheson Burger

While cooking the onions make sure they are nice and coated with all the fat. After hours of cooking, all these onions will be super caramelized.

So let that cook slowly and lets get on with making some cheese burgers. Start with a big greasy bowl of ground beef. Matty thinks the perfect patty size for a cheese burger is 6 ounces. Though he doesn’t have a scale there so he is just eye-balling it.

Next up he makes a dill pickle mayo. He just slices those dill cucumbers up and literally just ads mayonnaise. It is almost like a mayo relish.

Get out a cast iron pan and get it hot but not super hot. (Medium high). Put the patties in the pan an push it down just a little bit to get the contact.

Once you get the onions still cooking on the side to caramelization, add a cup of red wine vinegar. Give it a stir and then just keep cooking it. As stated the jam used in this Matty Matheson Burger takes hours and hours to cook.

Get some good buns and butter them before placing them butter side down in a pan. This is to give it a nice toast.

Matty Matheson Burger Matty Matheson Burger

When the patties are still about medium rare just put on the bacon onion jam on top of the patty while still cooking in the pan. Then get slices of cheese and put a few on top of the jam on top of the burger.

The buns are good, like little soft donuts. Turn the heat off on the cast iron pan with the burgers in and put the lid on. Just take a little bit of water and pour into the pan on the sides and put the lid back. This will steam the cheese really quickly.

Time to plate up. Bottom bun in a plate. Put a bit of the mayo relish sauce on the bun bottoms. Then a little ice berg lettuce for a bit of crunch. Get the burgers with the jam and melted cheese and put it on top of the lettuce.

Put another blob of the dill pickle mayo on top of that and finally the top bun. They are kind of messy burgers but they look and taste absolutely amazing. A Matty Matheson Burger that everyone should try at least once in their life.

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