How I Break My Fast Every Day…

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“Mike’s Break the Fast Salad”

Over the last few months, I’ve been enjoying the life style change of intermittent fasting. For those who have no idea what that is, basically you choose extended periods of time to fast from food. Some people fast for full days a few times a week, and other fast for a certain amount of time per day. I personally fast for 16 hours a day and eat for 8 hours, so for my lifestyle, I stop eating at 8pm at night and start back up at noon the next day. There seems to be a dulling effect on food in correlation to living in a world filled with instant access to pretty much any type of food we want. Fasting forces me into not falling slave to the instant access of food and in reward I get to appreciate food again on a more intense level.

One beneficial side effect that I have found from fasting is that each and every day I tend to break my fast with something well-crafted and healthy. Being a cook, it is so easy for me to constantly be picking at the things I am making, and I am making food all the time! So by fasting, I get time to think about and create bigger meals that I am craving, and what I am craving, is usually some version of a mega salad. It makes sense that after not eating for 16 hours, I pretty much want everything I can get in one single bowl.

The key to making salads edible is adding little treats to them that create a distractions away from all the greens. By adding these little sourdough croutons treats, I can guarantee you that you wont be thinking about the all the healthy greens you are taking down!

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