How a Japanese Comic Book Created a New Sandwich Craze おにぎらず

On the season finale of the sandwich series I’m headed out on a journey to explore a sandwich that has recently been gaining popularity in Japan decades after it original creation in a 1990’s Japanese comic book. I’ll head out to 969 NYC Coffee in Jackson Heights to talk to a Japanese Chef who has been mastering the craft of the Onigirazu. Back in the kitchen studio, I’ve teamed up with GT’s to give you a quick beginners guide to drinking kombucha as well as show you how to make some Japanese style pickles by taking advantage of the acidic qualities and health benefits of kombucha. Then I’ll show you a great way to create vegan style “crispy nuggets” to create the perfect filling for my homemade Onigirazu. @GTskombucha

Special thanks to Oda at 369 NYC Coffee and my Cousin Bari for providing me manga and anime knowledge.

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