Easy One Pot Pasta Recipes For a Small Kitchen

On this episode of Food Fixers, Marcel wanted help with recipes he could make in his small kitchen. One pot pasta to the rescue! #foodfixers #pasta #brothersgreeneats

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We asked you guys to send us your cooking failures. We’re here to help! We are taking those struggles and helping find a solution. If you have a problem you want to see on Food Fixers, let us know! Here’s how to submit:
1. Film yourself, in landscape mode, expressing what your food struggle is, whether its a dish, a dietary restriction, a kitchen restriction, or whatever you struggle with while cooking. If you don’t want to film you can write in.
2. Keep the video around one minute or less. Mention your name and do your best to film in a quiet location, you can film on your phone or whatever filming device you prefer.
3. Submit your video by uploading it to youtube with the title “Food Fixers Brothers Green” and send us a link at brothersgreentreats@gmail.com. Or you can upload the video to WeTransfer and send us the link to the email above.

Also, check out Marcel’s channel

What You Can Cook For Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCIQnmM-yZc&list=PLt_lOWx8jR_MrdH95mWRhvMSw0u90dPh-
The Sandwich Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvuzgBkElQo&list=PLt_lOWx8jR_NUv2YGsUwscbv34VOGPYb3

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