Creative Ways to Eat More Fermented Food

Fermented food, it’s the latest rage these days, but what the heck is it and even more, what the freak can you do with fermented food? Today we were sent on an adventure with AT&T Prepaid to explore Cleveland Ohio through the lens of fermentation. We visited our good friend Jeremy who is a fermentation expert and owns a great Deli with all sorts of wild and whacky food preparations that blew our minds wide open and our mouths to another dimension of flavor. Come on a little adventure with us into the land of fermentation. #sauerkraut #pickles #pastramisandwich #cleveland #deli

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Visit Larder: A Curated Deli& Bakery if you are in Cleveland

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“Fermentation Exploration”:
Original song written and performed by Josh and Mike Greenfield of Brothers Green.

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