Brothers Green is Officially Breaking Up

Change is difficult but we are certain that this shift away from Brothers Green is the right move for the both of us. Our goal was always the same, to get you over your fears of the kitchen so you can experience the incredible ways cooking can change your life and we hope that mission has inspired you over the last 6 years of this Youtube channel.

It’s been one heck of a wild ride and we had a blast collaborating and creating videos for you over the years. Wherever you joined in on the Brothers Green journey thank you so much for your support! You are all awesome and keep striving to be yourself. Oh yeah, and keep on cooking!

-Brothers Green

What’s going to happen moving forward?

Starting next Monday, Mike will be taking over the channel so stay tuned for those changes.

Josh has started a new channel “You Enjoy Life” where he will upload new cooking and music related videos so go follow him here:

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