Brewing 10 Bottles of Kombucha for the Price of One?

Want to learn how I brew “Better than Store Bought” Kombucha At Home? Then click the link below to gain FREE access to my “Kombucha Quick-Start” video training! Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/brew-kombucha-fast

For years my bank account suffered due to my consumption of kombucha! Then one day my friend came by with a batch of his home brew for me to sample and my home brewing journey began. Join me on a challenge to see if I can make 10 kombucha’s all for the price of one store bought bottle.

00:53 – Buying a Bottle
01:37 – Make a SCOBY From Scratch
03-57 – Brewing Your Kombucha
10:10 – Find Your Flavor
11:15 – Carbonating Your Kombucha
14:45 – Taste Test!

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