Beginners Guide To Fermentation: Bottling + Flavoring Kombucha

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For all you troopers out there who dove into the first steps of kombucha, this second stage is where things get super fun and bring a culinary twist to the process. Bottling kombucha and adding flavors is the best way to create carbonation and make your drink fizzy! So get crazy creative with it and add whatever fruits, spices, and herbs you can think of!

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Bottling & Flavoring
Fresh mango juice

Find a few glass bottles with airtight seals.
Drop in a small chunk of peeled ginger into each bottle.
Add about ½ a cup of fresh mango juice into each bottle.
Remove the scoby from your kombucha. Reserve 1 cup of kombucha along with scoby for future fermentation.
Fill bottle with kombucha.
Let it sit for 2-3 days to allow carbonation. Make sure to carefully pop the tops of the bottle every night so it does not over carbonate. Serve over some ice and enjoy!

Music by Lakey Inspired

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