10 Apple Recipes

Here are 10 of our favorite apple recipes that are perfect for fall season or all year round. As apples are so crispy and juicy, full of flavor and texture there is no doubt these recipes are a must-try for apple lovers.

To print the recipes check the full article on my blog:

1. Tarte Tatin – goo.gl/UtLQCE
2. Apple French Toast Roll-Ups – goo.gl/vnqSH2
3. Apple Crisp Pancakes – goo.gl/8SRfCE
4. Apple Pie – goo.gl/9Sq4sD
5. Apple Doughnuts – goo.gl/5gRu11
6. Apple Meringue Cake – goo.gl/9ECdgU
7. Rough Puff Pastry with Apples – goo.gl/pk5dPM
8. Pumpkin Apple Smoothie – goo.gl/cB3hw3
9. Apple Upside Down Cake – goo.gl/4Ufs9D
10. Caramel Apple Cheesecake bars – goo.gl/N12q4b

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