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Blind Beer Taste Test and California Thai Burger [Ad]

We often make decisions, including which food or drink to order, on auto-pilot, just defaulting to what we’re most familiar with. Today, I was brought in by a major beer brand to do a blind taste test to see what I chose based on the beer itself, without the influence of branding. I also made a glorious Thai-inspired burger that will blow your mouth out of your head. This video is sponsored by Miller Lite.

Take 1 pound of ground chicken and add 1-2 tablespoons of green curry paste, plus some fresh herbs of your choice such as scallions and cilantro. Add some salt and pepper and mix around. Form into patties and fry up on both sides with a little oil.

Avocado dressing, smash up some avocado, add some more fresh cilantro and scallions, a little chili, maybe ginger and garlic if you’d like, and some lime and salt and pepper. Mix around and taste to make sure it tastes glorious.

Take your bun, add the creamy avocado, add the burger, some raw red cabbage, fried egg and crispy onions.

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